Instructor FAQ

This page is intended to answer common questions asked by new adjunct faculty as well as highlight various online services available at UH that may be of interest to LIS instructors. Adjunct faculty may also contact the LIS Program Coordinator to request assistance with any issue not addressed here.

Adjunct Hiring Procedures

All LIS adjunct instructors are employed through the UH Outreach College. Employment paperwork must be completed each semester, even if you’ve taught for the Program in the previous semester. Per state law, all instructors who teach on-site courses must have proof of TB clearance on file with the UH Mānoa Outreach College.

Pay Schedule

During Fall and Spring semesters, pay dates are the 5th and 20th of the month.

The Summer pay schedule is available via the Outreach College web site. Because Summer sessions are so short, direct deposit is not available for those who are not already state employees; the Program Coordinator will retrieve paychecks and deliver them via USPS mail.

UH Username

After your hiring paperwork has been processed and you have been assigned a UH ID number, please request a UH username if you do not already have one. The UH username is necessary to access all UH online resources and services (e.g., wifi, UH email, library databases, etc.).


Please send a finalized version of your course syllabus to the LIS Program Coordinator before the semester’s first day of instruction. For consistency, use the standard course syllabus template. All course syllabi are archived on the Course Descriptions page at the LIS website. Please do not provide a link to an HTML version of your course syllabus.

Note: when planning your course schedule, please be aware of holidays observed by the state of Hawaii to avoid scheduling conflicts. Please be sure to also review the semester’s academic calendar for important dates and deadlines.

Primary SLO and ePortfolio Assignment(s) for Your Course

In Fall 2018, the LIS Program adopted an ePortfolio capstone for the degree Plan B (previously an oral exam). Our courses are now divided between core and electives, with a designated Student Learning Outcome (SLO) 1-6. Please view the list of classes with core designations and acquaint yourself with your course’s designated SLO:

SLO1 Services: Design, provide, and assess information services
SLO2 Professions: Apply history and ethics to develop a professional LIS identity
SLO3 Resources: Create, organize, manage and discover information resources
SLO4 Technologies: Evaluate and apply information technologies
SLO5 Cultures: Analyze and apply knowledge about information needs and perspectives of indigenous cultures and/or diverse communities
SLO6 Management: Demonstrate skills necessary to manage and work effectively within information organizations

Students may use assignments from your course to demonstrate their mastery of your course’s primary SLO, or any SLO, so keep that in mind when designing your assignments.

Class Lists

To review a list of students currently enrolled in your course, please refer to the MyUH Portal help page for Class Lists. Be aware that some students use employee tuition waivers and UH does not permit them to enroll until the first day of instruction; if you retrieve a class list prior to the first day of instruction, know that more students may sign up later.

Academic Calendar

To review the Manoa Academic Calendar, please see the online Academic Calendar. Note: for Summer Session, you will need the course’s 5-digit CRN in order to review the course schedule.

On-site LIS Computer Access

If you will be teaching on-site in an LIS classroom, i.e., rooms 002K, 003F, or 003G, you must complete (and return to the LIS Program Coordinator) an LIS Computer Account Form in order to login to the classroom PCs. Please submit your completed form no later than two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Note: LIS computer accounts expire after two years. If you are unable to login to your account, please contact the Program Coordinator and request a renewal of your account.

Grade Entry

Grades are due by 4 p.m. HST on the Tuesday following the final exam period. Grades may be submitted via the MyUH Services Portal (“Final Grading”).

End-of-Semester Assessment Documents

Shortly after the end of each semester, all course instructors must forward a copy of their course’s evaluation data to the Program Coordinator. Please use your browser’s “print to PDF” feature to save the evaluation data as a PDF formatted file and send it via email to

Other Resources

The UH system uses Google Gmail as its email service. If you do not wish to maintain another email address, please consider forwarding your UH Gmail account to your preferred address to avoid missing important communications.

UH provides access to the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment (aka Laulima). Each course is automatically assigned space in Laulima and we encourage instructors with purely asynchronous online courses to use this service to conduct their courses (if you opt to use a different service, alert the Program Coordinator). For basic assistance with Laulima, contact the Program Coordinator and for in-depth assistance, please contact the UH ITS department.

The UH Manoa Hamilton library website is available at Please be sure to verify that your assigned reading materials (e.g., journal articles) are available in our library’s print and online collections.

If you would like to use the UH Manoa course reserves system to make print or electronic materials available to students, please refer to the Sinclair Library Course Reserves guide.

The LIS Program has access to a shared LibGuides system provided to library schools by Springshare. If you would like your students to create LibGuides as part of their course assignments, please contact the LIS Program Coordinator for access and details.

The LIS program also has a Koha-based open source Integrated Library System (ILS), which is provided by ByWater Solutions. If you would like access to this for your courses, please contact the LIS Program Coordinator.

Your UH username grants you access to unlimited file storage via Google Drive, but be aware that your access will expire at the end of the semester and your files may be lost.

The ITS Wireless Passthrough service will let you register your wireless device (e.g., smartphone, laptop) so that you need not enter your UH login credentials each time you wish to access the UH wireless network.

The UH File Drop service allows for a limited form of secure file sharing and is useful for sending or receiving files too large for email. There is a limit of 800MB on total upload size.

If you are unable to access a particular UH online system (excluding library systems and resources), refer to the UH ITS Status page for a list of known service outages.