Hawaiian Electric Company Corporate Library, Hawaiian Electric Co.

820 Ward Ave., Honolulu, HI 96814

Internship Description

Interns will process at least one small collection from our photo archives in its entirety. Tasks related to this project include arranging and describing the collection following archival standards, basic preservation of archival materials, and creation of a location/finding aid. The intern will also digitize and create metadata for at least one collection in the Corporate Library asset management system. Tasks related to this project include the creation of metadata following national standards and digitizing materials.

Library/Collection Description

The Hawaiian Electric Company Corporate Library is a small special library that supports the entire company with an emphasis on Engineering and the Corporate Archives. The Corporate Archives helps to tell and preserve the history of the company. The internship will focus on the photo collection from the archives.

Required Qualifications

LIS 601 and LIS 605

Desired Qualifications

Service, detail, and goal-oriented. Dependable, mature, flexible. Good organizational and time management skills. Excellent oral and written communicator. Self-starter and creative problem solver. Collaborative and team-focused, but also able to work independently. Knowledge of traditional Office software (Word, Excel, Sharepoint) and manual and digital filing systems. Basic knowledge of archival preservation, database, and records management, and on-demand digitization. Experience with photo and slide scanning/cataloging is a plus. Interest in archive/library/collection management.

Weekly Schedule

Anytime on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9am-4pm.

Goals and Outcomes

The Corporate Library Intern will gain hands-on experience in the following: archival processing, creating a cohesive and accurate location/finding aid using archival standards, handling rare and delicate materials, technical aspects of digitizing archival records, project management, and the ongoing functions of an archival repository.

Evaluation Methods

Interns will be supervised by a librarian and be expected to progress in knowledge and skills throughout the semester. Evaluations will be based on factors such as reliability, ability to communicate effectively, ability to follow through on assignments, and professional attitude.

Evaluation Schedule

A formal evaluation will be provided at the end of the semester.

Contact Information

Estee Manfredi
(808) 543-7915
Last Updated: 2020January21