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Eighteen students from across the University of Hawaiʻi System won free textbooks for fall 2015 in the 15 to Finish UH Bookstores promotion worth approximately $10,000.

UH partnered with the UH Bookstores to provide freshmen an opportunity to win free textbooks for the following fall semester if they completed 30 or more credits in their first year. The promotion reduces the cost associated with obtaining a post secondary degree, while bringing awareness to the fact that taking at least 15 credits per semester helps students be on track to graduate on time.

The following students will receive free textbooks for the fall 2015 semester:

  • Kulaiapahia Aluli, Kapiʻolani CC
  • Piper Axtell, Windward CC
  • Jessie Caberto, UH Maui College
  • Micah Carter, UH Hilo
  • Allison Jean Comlat, Leeward CC
  • Evan Hataishi, UH Mānoa
  • Mikiala Holley, UH Mānoa
  • Gunnar Hudson, Leeward CC
  • Samantha Manipon, UH West Oʻahu
  • Charles Matsuda, Kauaʻi CC
  • Kara Meske, UH Mānoa
  • Mari Ogino, Leeward CC
  • Hinako Suyama, Kapiʻolani CC
  • Sean Takehara, Honolulu CC
  • Robert Valdez, UH Maui College
  • Edward Wang, Kapiʻolani CC
  • Mieko Yajima, Hawaiʻi CC
  • Kelli Ann Zane, UH Mānoa

“Our goal is to continue to build awareness of the fact that a student must take at least 15 credits a semester or 30 credits in a year to complete their degree on time,” said Risa Dickson, UH System vice president for academic affairs. “In the past, taking 12 credits per semester was most common, but we want students to change that mindset. Research has also shown that students taking 15 credits or more do better academically. Completing a degree on time is the best way to reduce educational costs and start earning an income.”

UH Bookstores Director Tricia Ejima added, “We’re happy to support the UH System with its 15 to Finish campaign by rewarding students with free textbooks. We take pride in providing our students with everything they need for college and this was just one more way for us to give back.”

The UH Bookstores randomly selected 18 students from more than 1,400 eligible students, and will generously offer this promotion again to incoming freshmen. First-time freshmen who enter a UH campus in the fall semester and earn at least 30 credits by the end of May the following year will be eligible for the promotion. Last year, UH Mānoa architecture student Mitchell Moses received $720 worth of textbooks.

UH’s Hawaiʻi Graduation Initiative

The 15 to Finish UH Bookstores Promotion is part of UH’s Hawaiʻi Graduation Initiative and one of the many system and campus programs focused on improving on-time completion (two years for an associate degree and four years for a bachelor’s degree). UH created the 15 to Finish campaign in 2012 and at least 22 other states have adopted similar 15 to Finish initiatives.

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