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University of Hawaiʻi students, faculty and staff now have an important resource to confidentially report violations of laws, rules, regulations and UH policies. A whistleblower hotline launched in June 2016 further advances the university’s commitment to encourage and enable any member of UH or the general public to make good faith reports of misconduct.

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The whistleblower hotline is for legal and policy violations only. Other concerns should be brought to a supervisor, instructor or campus administrator.

UH has selected EthicsPoint, an outside reporting service that works with hundreds of colleges and universities across the country. The service is available 24 hours a day by telephone and online, and users may choose to remain anonymous or identify themselves. All of the information users provide is hosted on secure servers controlled by EthicsPoint and are not part of or connected to the UH network.

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  1. Very surprised the UH administrators agreed to this. I bet the number of calls against people working in Hawaii Hall will be sky high!

    Kind of makes you wonder how seriously any whistleblower will be taken, more so when you consider the 20+ cases of alleged violations against the VCAA (Reed Dasenbrock), that case has been ongoing for so long and the man was not placed on academic leave while these very serious allegations of racism and sexism are investigated by an ex UH executive of all people. Just goes to show how seriously UH takes these complaints if an ex UH official and buddy of Dasenbrock gets to decide if he is guilty, shady UH.





  2. Do we really want to encourage anonymous reporting? Doesn’t this have a big potential for abuse. Is there information about how this type of reporting has worked on other campuses?

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