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Ten scientists from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa partnered with ten members of the Honolulu Printmakers in the ArtSci 2016 Where Art and Science Meet exhibition, September 7–30 at the Honolulu Museum of Art School.

The scientists and artists shared processes and insights into their respective practices to create the pieces for the exhibition. With a variety of printmaking techniques and diverse fields of science each partnership explored the relationship and met the challenge in different ways. The result is the creation of a portfolio of prints using a traditional printmaking process and an explanatory scientific poster designed for the public to accompany the artwork.

The participating scientists are Assistant Researcher Greta Aeby, Assistant Professor Camilo Mora, Associate Professor Sven Vahsen, Assistant Professor Robert Thomson, Professor Celia Smith, Assistant Professor Megan Porter, Professor Niklas Schneider, Professor Sterling Keeley, Professor Mark Hixon and Professor Axel Timmermann.

“The ArtSci project is based on the premise that science alone cannot save the world, but that partnerships with art can bring science to society in new and engaging ways,” said Hixon. “We combined science and art to engage the interest and imagination of the public.”

This show crosses the artificial divide and makes connections between the two disciplines. The participating artists and scientists explored ways to collaborate: listen, share, observe, learn, experiment and discover.

Poster of reef fish and the dangers of overfishing
Poster by Mark Hixon for ArtSci 2016
Screen print of Hawaii reef fish
Reef Builders screen print by Margo Vitarelli in collaboration with Mark Hixon
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