student eating food

From bentos to venti lattes, the food served by Sodexo at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa grabbed the attention of Forbes Magazine in a recent article entitled “How this campus got the best college food.”

Sodexo management began surveying Mānoa students about what kinds of food options they would like to see on campus. From that point, Sodexo made changes to the cafeterias and vendors they brought in.

meat and vegetable stir fry

Forbes article:

“Did Gordon Ramsay take up residence at this commuter campus in Honolulu? No, something far more interesting, and instructive, happened here. Within a 24-month period, the campus foodservice provider, Sodexo, hatched an ambitious plan to upgrade the campus restaurants. The results seemed to surprise even the managers behind the idea.”

The customer satisfaction rating went from a respectable 84 percent in 2016 to 94 percent in 2018. A small increase can be a big win, but a 10-point swing is huge.

The article helps bolster the attention made on food service on campus.

“We are pleased to see that students, faculty and staff enjoy the changes we have made,” Sodexo UH Mānoa General Manager Donna Oijiri said. “Our team is very excited and grateful of our partnership and working together with UH to really make a difference on campus.”

The article states that UH Mānoa is among the top eight campuses for food rating in the country.

Sodexo managers say they plan to continue working to keep the food options fresh and innovative to meet the needs and interests of its customers.