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This message was shared with the students, faculty and staff of the 10-campus University of Hawaiʻi system on February 17, 2021.


This is an important update of the February 9 message from UH President David Lassner. The Hawaiʻi Deptartment of Health (DOH) has final approval on who receives the vaccine and when. Based on the emerging knowledge about COVID-19 disease and the supply of the vaccine in the state, DOH determines priority groups to be vaccinated. The prioritization list in the message sent on February 9, 2021, is for internal use by the University of Hawaiʻi. The UH System is committed to following the DOH vaccination prioritization order as it exists today or may change in the future.

At this time, given the limited supply of vaccines, UH student athletes and student residents on campus cannot be part of a group that is prioritized above frontline essential workers. The group formerly consisting of 1B-4 workers will now be categorized as 1B-3 workers. We will continue to work to vaccinate our student athletes and residents on campus, in a manner consistent with DOH priorities across the state.

Please also know that we receive a limited number of vaccination slots per week, for example, 800, and are assigning discrete groups in matching amounts (800 in the example) selected in a randomized fashion to be fair across groups. If you received an email notifying you that you are on the 1B-2 list, please be patient as you await a later email offering you an appointment time. Additionally, the vaccine allotment for UH is assigned by the DOH to different locations. If you show up without your name being on the discrete list, you will be turned away, and your identity will be retained. UH employees are authorized to take up to 2 hours of administrative leave if their vaccination is being provided at a non-UH campus location or at a campus other than their own.

UH is committed to supporting the stateʻs vaccination efforts during this ever-changing situation. Please note that due to the severe weather on the mainland, we have become aware of delays in vaccine shipments to Hawaiʻi resulting in some unexpected schedule changes. Please continue to be patient with the process.

Thank you for your time, attention and patience,
The UH Vaccination Team

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