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Taylor Swift (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Singer-songwriter and pop culture icon Taylor Swift was born and raised in Pennsylvania before moving to Nashville. So what’s her connection to the University of Hawaiʻi? “Long Story Short,” it’s football and no, not NFL Tight End Travis Kelce, currently filling up Tay Tay’s “Blank Space.”

“… Ready For It?”

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Taylor Swift’s father, Scott, on UH‘s 1970 roster

The answer is Taylor’s father, Scott, played football for the UH Rainbows! “I Think He Knows,” but we didn’t. A surprising connection, but “Shake it Off” because “You Need to Calm Down” and read on.

Before graduating from the University of Delaware and becoming a stockbroker, Scott Swift suited up in green and white, colors that never go out of “Style,” for UH as a freshman center in 1970. He wasn’t “The Man,” but his team, which played in the old Honolulu Stadium (current Old Stadium Park in Mōʻiliʻili), went 9-2 as opponents suffered “Death by a Thousand Cuts” with victories over Fresno State (49-0), UNLV (28-21) and Santa Clara (39-24).

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Imagine the “Afterglow” after that successful season as many long time UH fans may be reading about the 1970 season now and think, “I Forgot That You Existed.”

Emily Morden, a Swiftie and UH Mānoa communications student, said she was shocked to hear of Taylor’s connection to UH.

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“I am even more proud to be a student at UH Mānoa now that I know Scott Swift once played on our football team,” Morden said. “Never in my ‘Wildest Dreams’ would I ever think Scott Swift walked the same campus as I have.”

So, yes, at one time, UH could tell Scott, “You Belong With Me.” Isn’t it just so pretty to think, all along there was some “Invisible String” tying Taylor to UH?

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Taylor Swift’s father Scott, a former football player at UH, is in the second from the top row, third from the left.
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