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Delegation of Authority

UHCC Campus-System Functions Map

Community College System Policy Conversion


BACKGROUND: College practices and procedures are guided by University system policies, e.g., Board of Regents (BOR) Policies, University Executive Policies, and, prior to 2002, Community Colleges Policies titled Chancellor for Community Colleges Memoranda (CCCM). When the Office of the Chancellor for CC was eliminated in 2002, the Council of CC Chancellors (CCCC) and 2 University system Associate Vice Presidents responsible for CC issues undertook an analysis of University Executive Policies and the CCCMs to determine areas where common CC practices were appropriate, as well as areas where University Executive Policies provided adequate guidance. In areas where common practice was to be followed, either an individual, or a group was designated with developing draft language for consideration by the CCCC. Once agreement was reached by the CCCC, each college was expected to adopt its its own version of the policy. In July 2005, the BOR approved a reorganization that established the Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges. This new CC System office is in the process of drafting and adopting University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges Policies (UHCCP) as appropriate. The following tracks the status of the policy conversion process.


UHCC Policy Conversion Analysis