UH Student Plan:

The University has selected HMSA (Hawaii Medical Service Association, Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Hawaii) to provide medical health insurance for our students for the current academic plan year. For more information or to enroll, please go to: hmsa.com/student

Other Insurance Plans

**Although certain insurance plans may meet the international student's health insurance requirements, it does not necessarily mean that UHSM is a participating provider or will submit claims to your insurance company.

International students with non-participating health insurance plans are still welcomed to go to UHSM for services. However, you may have to pay for services if your insurance is not accepted there. To see if your insurance plan is accepted, contact UHSM at (808) 956-8965.

UH Employer/Employee Health Insurance Plan (through EUTF)

Certain EUTF plans (Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefit Trust Fund) meet the University's minimum health insurance requirements for international students.

EUTF Medical Plans that meet "most of" the minimum requirements:
*none of these plans cover repatriation and medical evacuation; you have to buy this separately

  • HMSA 90/10 PPO Plan
  • HMSA 80/20 PPO Plan
  • HMSA 75/25 PPO Plan
  • HMSA HMO Plan**
  • Kaiser Standard Plan**
  • Kaiser Comprehensive Plan**

EUTF Medical Plans that DO NOT meet the minimum requirements:

  • Royal State Supplemental Plan**

IMPORTANT : In addition to the EUTF medical plan, you must purchase a separate repatriation and medical evacuation insurance. Some companies that sell this type of insurance are: International SOS and Basic Emergency Travel Assistance (BETA); HOWEVER, you can purchase this coverage from any company of your choice as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

Other Insurance Plans**

Other insurance plans from reliable insurance providers may be accepted as long as the medical health insurance coverage meets the University's minimum requirements. If you plan to purchase another medical health insurance policy, make sure this policy will meet the UH standards before you purchase it, as many policies do not meet these requirements.

Since UH endorses HMSA, University officials do not "recommend" other plans. The health insurance marketplace is large and constantly changing. It is your responsibility to carefully review benefits and exclusions of specific plans to determine if that plan will meet the minimum requirements as well as suit your needs.

Additionally, the health insurance company you select must certify on the F-1 Student Acknowledgement & Insurance Provider Certification Form that your plan meets the University's minimum coverage standards.

IMPORTANT : If your plan does not meet the minimum levels of coverage required or your insurance company will not complete and sign the F-1 Student Acknowledgement & Insurance Provider Certification Form, then your plan will not be accepted for health insurance clearance.