Alcohol & Other Drug Education Program (ADEP)

Under University Health Services' Health Promotion Program, Alcohol & Other Drug Education Program (ADEP) objectives are to reduce the incidence and consequences of alcohol/other drug misuse and abuse among UH Mānoa students:

  1. By helping to prevent illegal and/or harmful use
  2. By conducting social marketing campaigns to correct student perceptions of their peers: most students are practicing healthy lifestyles
  3. By providing intervention for those who are at high risk

Programs and Services

ADEP includes the following programs and services. Click on a link below for more information, call (808) 956-3574, or come in and browse through our educational materials.

BASICS: Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention for College Students

BASICS is offered for all UH students who may want to explore their alcohol and drug use, but the main goal of the program is to educate students about risky behaviors and harmful consequences of alcohol and drug abuse.

Mānoa Alcohol Project (MAP)

Mānoa Alcohol Project's (MAP) mission is to provide responsible drinking strategies and accurate alcohol use norms to empower the UH Mānoa campus community to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve college success.

Mālama Project

Our mission is to provide a supportive community for students impacted by substance use and to enable them to achieve academic success and overall wellbeing.

Lōkahi peer education program presentations

The Lōkahi Program is a service-learning peer education program provided by the University Health Services Health Promotion Program.

Alcohol Poisoning Information

Additional Resources

On the internet, you can find a lot of information on alcohol/other drugs. However, not all websites are equal. Some are sponsored by companies with an interest in selling alcohol. Others contain information that is not based on carefully gathered facts or well-supported theories.

Go to our Assessment and Resources of Alcohol/Other Drugs section for a list of some of the most reliable sources of information about alcohol and other drugs of abuse.