Installing Grackle on Google Docs


Click on the Docs logo to navigate towards Google Docs

Alternatively, type into the search bar or click here.
Navigating Google Docs

2. Select any document

Click on any document available in your Google Docs
Selecting a document

3. Click on Add-ons

In the top left hand corner, click on “Add-ons” from the toolbar
Click Add-Ons

4. Click get add-ons…

From the drop down menu, click on “Get add-ons…”
Select Get Add-ons

5. Search for “Grackle”

In the upper right hand corner, search for “Grackle”
Search for Grackle

6. Add Grackle Docs to Google Docs

Click on the “+ FREE” button to add Grackle to Google Docs
Click + Free to add Grackle

7. Choose your account

Click on your UH account to continue with Grackle setup
Select your UH Google account

8. Allow Grackle to access to your Google Account

Click allow to let Grackle to be added to your Google Docs
Allow Grackle