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Meeting an economic opportunity and industry need, 13 students have successfully completed a new workforce stabilization program in marine welding and will enter the workforce with skills needed to meet industry demands. These first-time program completers were recognized on Tuesday, August 19, in a special ceremony that also celebrated the first of its kind partnership with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR), Honolulu Community College, the University of Hawaiʻi Community College’s Workforce Development Office and the Ship Repair Association of Hawaiʻi (SRAH).

“Through a successful collaboration to develop a workforce stabilization program with marine industry partners, the DLIR and Honolulu Community College, we were able to create a program in marine welding. We are proud to announce that we have a 100 percent successful completion rate amongst the participants. Moving forward, we hope to continue our efforts to create similar programs to support other industries,” said Keala Chock, dean of transportation and trades at Honolulu Community College.

The 13 students come from various backgrounds including veterans and long-term unemployed workers. Components of the program included a volunteer internship program organized by DLIR, short-term workforce training by Honolulu CC and on-the-job training supported by the DLIR with BAE Hawaiʻi Shipyards, C and S Services, Marisco, Ltd. and Pacific Shipyards.

Read the Honolulu CC news release for the full story.

—By Billie Lueder

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