University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman has formed an eight-person search advisory committee to select a new UH athletics director. Warren H. Haruki, president and CEO of Grove Farm Co. and chairman and CEO of Maui Land and Pineapple Co., will chair the committee.

“We are looking for a leader capable of excelling in multiple areas including community outreach and partnership building with the dual goals of continuing academic achievement of our student-athletes while putting UH’s 21 teams in the best possible position to win,” said Bley-Vroman. “We also need someone with the ability and agility to lead UH during this complex and important time in the evolving national collegiate athletics landscape.”

Following the committee’s initial meeting on Friday, January 9, the next step in the process will be the posting of the position on January 14. Interested candidates will have about a month to submit their applications and then the committee will begin the process of reviewing the applicants and performing the required due diligence and reference checks in mid February. Initial interviews will be held no later than early March.

Bley-Vroman reiterated the general timeline to select the new athletic director by no later than mid-year and that the process outlined above is designed to achieve that deadline. He also expressed his thanks to the committee members for their commitment and willingness to serve.

In order to provide transparency to the many stakeholders who care so deeply about UH athletics, a website ( will be live by the end of the day January 14 and periodic updates will be available as the committee moves through the selection process for this key position.

In addition to Haruki, the other committee members are:

Assisting the committee in an ex-officio capacity will be Michele Tom, the UH Mānoa executive search coordinator.

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  1. Perhaps investing time in forming a new chancellor search committee and correcting the mess created by the current administrators at UH Manoa would be wiser. Do not forget that Bley-Vroman is only the interim chancellor and will be replaced. It is misleading to call him the chancellor, I hope this is not deliberate? I find this potential deception strange, more so with all this talk of transparency, especially in light of recent state audits.


  2. Excuse me, isn’t the appropriate title UH “Manoa” Athletics Director, not UH Athletics Director? It’s not a system position, it’s a Manoa position.

  3. Hello Moderators,

    Can you tell me why my post yesterday on this topic was not posted? Maybe you did not like it, but, it did follow your rules. Do not forget the free speech rules at UH.

    Perhaps investing time in forming a new Chancellor search committee and correcting the mess created by the current administrators at UH Manoa would be wiser than looking for someone to steer the sinking ship that is UH Manoa Athletics? It is also misleading the way you keep crediting Bley-Vroman as the UH Manoa Chancellor. Do not forget he is only the interim Chancellor and will be replaced. I hope this is a mistake and not a deliberate attempt at deception? Many people find this potential deception strange in light of all the talk about transparency, even more so when you consider recent state audit findings that found more than 26% of the UH administered special, revolving funds had at least one thing wrong with them.

    Surely finding a new Chancellor should take precedence especially since the new chancellor will be the one working with the athletics director, not Bley-Vroman.

    All very strange.

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