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The 2016 election season is well underway. The University of Hawaiʻi recognizes everyone’s right to support their choices for elective offices. As the state heads into what will surely be an active election season, this is a courtesy reminder to all University of Hawaiʻi employees regarding the restrictions state law places on them and the university.

The University of Hawaiʻi is a state government agency—its premises, facilities and employee work time are public resources and are explicitly prohibited from being used for any type of campaigning activities. Employees are expected to avoid campaigning activities on the UH campuses or within university facilities. Be advised that such activity is a violation of State of Hawaiʻi Ethics Code. Campaigning activity that is prohibited by state employees on state premises includes, but is not limited to: employee use of state time to engage in campaigning, using state equipment or state supplies for campaign purposes, using state premises (such as university conference rooms or classrooms) for campaign activities or meetings, or solicitation, distribution and production of campaign materials anywhere on university property.

Please see the Hawaiʻi State Ethics Commission’s campaigning restrictions of state employees document (PDF) for more specific details.

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