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Nov. 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving message for the UH community

Before we know it, this year will come to a close. The holiday season begins with Thanksgiving Day. So I wanted to share with you how very much I appreciate how hard all of you throughout the University of Hawai’i system have worked to make our state a better place, especially the past year, under some of the most difficult circumstances many of us have ever faced.

Mahalo for your willingness to help our university get through these tough times. I am proud of how all of you have come together to help not only sustain our campuses, but to move them forward this year.

The year ahead offers an opportunity for renewal. We will work with a new governor and his cabinet and a new congresswoman, leaders who are joining the ranks of our elected officials whose support is so critical to us at Hawai‘i’s only public university.

You know, I was struck by something as I composed letters to congratulate the new office holders. And I think you, like me, will find it inspiring:

EVERY ONE of the top elected officials in our state has had his or her own lifes profoundly impacted by the University of Hawai‘i. They are our graduates and, in one case, the son of a longtime faculty member. We are proud that our university continues to produce leaders for Hawai‘i’s future—in politics and government, business, law, the sciences, medicine and health; in engineering and education; in skilled trades…and the list goes on and on.

That is what I hope you will take to heart this holiday season. Each of you in the university community is making a difference in the lives of generation after generation of Hawai‘i’s citizens.

We are each privileged to serve our state. We are grateful for the rich support we enjoy from so many in our island community.

Remember that some of our campuses will be closed during the holiday period to conserve resources. The holiday schedules can be found on our websites.

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and that you and your families will have a wonderful holiday season.

M.R.C. Greenwood