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UH EMPLOYEES: The Office of Risk Management is part of the Office of the Vice President for Administration. To request assistance, please complete and submit an ASSISTANCE REQUEST FORM.


University of Hawaii Whistleblower Hotline

If you observe or suspect any fraud, waste, abuse, or other conduct you believe is in violation of the University’s policies or other laws, rules, or regulations, you are encouraged to report your concerns.

2016 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30. Check the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency's website for information on how to plan and prepare for the hurricane season.

The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa Department of Public Safety will be holding two Hurricane Preparedness Workshops on August 24, 2016 and September 20, 2016. To learn more or to register for a workshop, click here.

2015 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report

The 2015 Annual Security and Fire Safety compliance document is available for viewing on the UH Manoa Department of Public Safety website at The website and report contain information regarding campus security and personal safety, including such topics as crime prevention, fire safety, crime reporting policies, disciplinary procedures, and other matters of importance related to security and safety on campus.


County Facility Use Permits

If you are planning to utilize a County facility (Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii), please click here.

UH Property
  1. Report any newly acquired buildings - within 30 days of acquisition
  2. Report any newly acquired large equipment purchases, such as photovoltaic systems - within 30 days of acquisition
  3. Report buildings that are sold or transferred to another department
  4. Report property losses timely. Failure to report may result in denial.

UH Autos
  1. Report newly acquired vehicles - within 30 days
  2. Report when vehicles are disposed of or transferred
  3. Determine if comprehensive/collision or fire & theft coverage is needed - if required - report immediately for coverage
  4. If a vehicle has not been reported to us prior to a loss or accident, there will not be any coverage for damages to that vehicle.
  5. Report all damage and accidents to your supervisor and submit applicable forms to the Office of Risk Management within five business days.
  6. Engage in safe driving practices - buckle up, be aware of your surroundings, and drive defensively.

  1. Report any crime loss IMMEDIATELY - failure to do so will result in denial of claim

Contact us if you have any questions regarding reporting procedures.


Risk management involves the identification, evaluation and treatment of risks inherent in the operations of an organization. At the University of Hawai'i risk is prevalent at all levels of activities, projects, and programs affecting students, faculty and staff.

ORM is a resource for administrators, faculty, and staff to identify and manage risks associated with their activities in order to reduce losses, maintain financial stability, and protect University resources.

ORM coordinates the University's risk management efforts and has primary responsibility for administering the University's program of insurance and self-insurance, oversight of insurance claims, and development of various risk and loss control programs. Members of the University community are encouraged to contact ORM with any questions or concerns related to proposed activities, with respect to loss prevention, premises and automobile liability, workers' compensation, claims recovery, or any risk related matters.