Pidgin Research

Recent publications on Pidgin

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Current and past research projects


1. Linguistic Family Trees in Hawai’i

2013 - present This research project serves to document processes of language shift, language loss, language maintenance and language addition across ...
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2. Pidgin and Stance in Hawai’i

Participants must be born and raised in Hawai‘i and be at least 18 years old. They should speak and understand ...
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3. Sato Fund

Applications are invited for THE CHARLENE JUNKO SATO ENDOWED MEMORIAL FUND This fund provides financial support for students of the ...
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4. Hawai‘i Creole Developmental Baselines

Developing speech pathology baselines for Hawai‘i Creole speaking children – Collaborative research with Dr. Christine Fiestas. (Christina Higgins, Kent Sakoda) ...
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5. Doing Research About Pidgin

I. Introduction As with any research, outsiders need to be sensitive to the role of the language in the community ...
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The aim of the Center is to conduct research on pidgin and creole languages and unstandardized dialects—especially research that would be of some benefit to speakers of such varieties