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Fo Reel! Da Pidgin Film Festival                  click fo’ submit HEA

Fo Reel! Da Firs’ Annual Film Festival all about dakine films da students make fo’ show how come so important li’dat da Pidgin. You know, as da language wen staht fo’ come togeddah way befo’ from da ol’ plantation time days but stay still yet goin’ strong today wit da new generations in some different kine new ways. Pidgin one language get strong connection to da local identity, local pride, and local knowledge. So we stay looking fo’ some sho’t kine film dat use Pidgin like wen dey stay talkin’ to each oddah o’ tellin’ one story o’ just talk anykine about Pidgin li’dat in da film… o’ even ja’like one documentary kine style film only about da Pidgin language.

 Deadline submission: NOVEMBER 1, 2018

Submission criteria:

  • Films produced by UH-system students (all campuses) are eligible. Current students and alumni who wen grad since 2017 can submit.
  • Films must be in or about Pidgin. This means that commercials, PSAs, and films in the genre of drama, comedy, or animation must mostly feature Pidgin dialogue. Documentary films about Pidgin are also welcome. Mo’ Pidgin, mo’ bettah!
  • All genres welcome: PSA, commercial, drama, animation, comedy, music video
  • Length: 30 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Produced within the last 4 years
  • Two films maximum may be submitted by an individual
  • Submission of film URL and application online at:

Da main tings get stuff da films gotta shoot fo’ (featuring films that explore):

  • How people talk Pidgin fo’ real kine way everyday (the authentic voice of everyday life in Hawai‘i)
  • How fo’ look wat ‘LOCAL STYLE’ mean using one Pidgin kine camera lens (Pidgin as a lens for expressing local identities)
  • How people use Pidgin fo’ anykine (how Pidgin is used for anything and everything)

Top film will win $250. Each best of genre film will win $150.

Need funds fo’ make em?  Apply to the Charlene Junko Memorial Sato Fund for up to $1500 grants to make films.

For more information, contact Christina Higgins at the Charlene J. Sato Center for Pidgin, Creole, & Dialect Studies, UH-Manoa at; 808-294-0323

Funding provided by the Sato Fund and the Student Activity and Program Fee Board (SAPFB)

Past Events

Pidgin in the news

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Data inspires pride for Pidgin, a Hawaii language (Star Advertiser: February 18, 2016)

Watch comedian Andy Bumatai give one update on Hawaiian Pidgin English (in Pidgin English) (Hawaii Magazine: November 24, 2015)

De-Stigmatizing Hawaii’s Creole Language (The Atlantic: November 20, 2015)

U.S. Census Bureau recognizes Pidgin as ‘official’ language (West Hawaii Today: November 16, 2015)

U.S. Census Bureau recognizes Hawaiian Pidgin English as language (KITV: November 11, 2015)

NPR’s State of The Reunion: “Hawai’i: The Legacy of Sugar” (May 13, 2014) featuring interviews with UH-Manoa’s Christina Higgins, Jeff Moniz, and Kent Sakoda
Listen here

Can or No Can? Pidgin Speakers in the Workforce (Civil Beat: March 7, 2013) featuring interviews with UH-Manoa’s Laiana Wong, Kent Sakoda, and Christina Higgins

Fo Teach Pidgin o Not Fo Teach Pidgin — Das Da Question (Civil Beat: March 2, 2013)

Past Sato Center speakers

Timothy DangMarch 12, 2018Discussion: Plans to analyze transcripts of "Braddah Craig's Missed Connections" and/or other segments of "Keola & Rella In the Morning" for Pidgin usePidgin Coup
Keao NeSmithJanuary 29, 2018Discussion: experience of translating The Little Prince into PidginPidgin Coup Meeting
Amber CampNovember 20, 2017Discussion: brainstorming an upcoming study "Acoustic correlates of stress in Pidgin"Pidgin Coup
Taylor LewisNovember 6, 2017Discussion: brainstorming about doing a study on the comments on Facebook about the Pidgin Summit articlesPidgin Coup meeting
Claire StabileSeptember 25, 2017Discussion: update on her study on quotatives in Pidgin. Pidgin Coup
Bethany SchwartzMarch 20, 2017Discussion: possible future dissertation work on Pidgin use in childrenPidgin Coup
Georganne NordstromDecember 5, 2016Discussion: talk story about her ideas for writing a book. She is an assistant professor in the English department.Pidgin Coup meeting
Marlene BoothNovember 21, 2016Discussion: what has happened since the release of her documentary “Pidgin: The Voice of Hawai’i” was released 8 years ago. She will also discuss her new project on Kanalu Young.Pidgin Coup meeting
Caleb HartsfieldNovember 7, 2016Discussion: talk story about his Civil Beat article “Why Pidgin Still Matters.”Pidgin Coup
Claire StabileOctober 24, 2016Discussion: update on her Pidgin quotatives researchPidgin Coup
Mary BucholtzMarch 20, 2015“Respeta mi idioma”: Promoting Linguistic Diversity and Sociolinguistic Justice through Youth Research and Activism2014 – 2015 Speaker Series: Language Diversity in Schools and Society
Jeff ReaserFebruary 5, 2015Language as Part of the Diversity Cannon2014 – 2015 Speaker Series: Language Diversity in Schools and Society
John BaughSpring 2013Some linguistic consequences of slavery in the United States2012 – 2013 Speaker Series: Language Discrimination in a Multicultural World
Rosina Lippi-GreenFebruary 17, 2013Linguistic Authenticity & Stereotyping in the Performance of Identity2012 – 2013 Speaker Series: Language Discrimination in a Multicultural World