Past Events

2018 – Hawaiian-Pidgin Summit

2017 Summit on Pidgin in Education

2014-2015 Invited Speaker Series: Language Diversity in schools and society.

Bucholtz, M. (2015, March 20). “Respeta mi idioma”: Promoting linguistic diversity and sociolinguistic justice through youth research and activism. 2014-2015 Speaker Series: Language Diversity in schools and society.

Reaser, J. (2015, February 5). Language as part of the diversity cannon. 2014-2015 Speaker Series: Language Diversity in schools and society.

2012-2013 Invited Speaker Series: Language Discrimination in a Multicultural World.

This speaker series examines how language is used to connect, communicate, and construct one’s identity, and how it is used to judge and discriminate against groups of individuals. Language can serve as a conduit for stereotypes connected to culture, ethnicity, and nationality, which in turn may lead to acts of discrimination based on the way certain individuals speak. Stereotypes have far-reaching consequences because the discourses surrounding them perpetuate the unequal power relations already in place. Two distinguished scholars who have dedicated their careers to language discrimination will examine these issues in regard to language in the United States. This series was made possible by a grant from the Diversity and Equity Initiative at UHM.

John Baugh (Spring 2013) Some linguistic consequences of slavery in the United States

Rosina Lippi-Green (February 17, 2013) Linguistic authenticity & stereotyping in the performance of identity

Fiona Willans – Multilingual education policy in the Pacific: Insights from Vanuatu

Fiona Willans – The multilingual turn in sociolinguistics: What use is it to educators?