Da Pidgin Coup

Join us! Meetings held twice a month on Mondays, 12:30 pm at TP 101, 1859 East-West Road

Da Pidgin Coup is a small group, comprised mainly of faculty and graduate students from the departments of Second Language Studies, Linguistics and English, as well as community experts, who have been meeting regularly since fall 98. Our main focus is on linguistic and educational issues concerning Pidgin. The group has two main functions:

(1) to stimulate and support research on Pidgin (Hawai’i Creole)
(2) to advocate recognition of Pidgin in the university and wider communities.

We generally meet every second Monday at lunchtime. The co-convenors are Kent Sakoda (sakoda@hawaii.edu) and Christina Higgins (cmhiggin@hawaii.edu).

You can read our position paper about Pidgin and Education which we wrote in 1999 in response to negative statements from the Chairman of the Board of Education.



Claire Stabile hu wan PhD Linggwistiks student goin kam tawk stawri abaut hr Pidgin disateishen shi laik rait… shi wen tawk abaut kwoteitivz in disaemba laes iya aen so shi laik giv wan faes kain rivyu aen den tawk abaut staf shi ste duin nau… aiDono if hr hol ting goin bi abaut kwoteitivz o nat… enewe, shi laik om ril infawmol…tawk stawri kain… goin bi gud fan so go kam it lanch (krDasi awv SAPFB) aen chro in yo $.99 wrt…

Claire Stabile who one PhD Linguistics student going come talk story about her Pidgin dissertation she like write… she wen talk about quotatives in December last year and so she like give one fast kind review and then talk about stuff she stay doing now…I don’t know if her whole thing going be about quotatives or not…anyway, she like ’em real informal…talk story kind…going be good fun so go come eat lunch (courtesy of SAPFB) and throw in your $.99 worth…