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Accessibility Training

Following are training resources for both website and document accessibility.

For easier navigation on this page, please click on the appropriate training link:
LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda)
Siteimprove Academy
Google via Udacity
Google for Developers
Microsoft Office
Adobe Acrobat Pro
MS Office and PDF Checklists
Universal Design Learning (UDL)

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda)

LinkedIn Learning, is an online learning platform compromised of videos. To get started with, Full-Time Faculty and Staff will first need to request a Lynda account with the ITS Site License Office.

After obtaining a LinkedIn Learning account, click on any of the links below and Sign In. The Sign In field is located on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

General Accessibility

Website Accessibility

Document Accessibility

Instructional Design


Siteimprove Academy

Siteimprove LogoSiteimprove is a WCAG 2.0 compliancy optimization platform. As a Siteimprove account holder, UH Faculty and Staff have access to Siteimprove Academy.

Please note that Siteimprove Academy includes pathways which contains courses. These courses have embedded modules and each module must be completed in the order listed to move to the next course. You may notice that some courses are repeated within pathways; however, once you complete the course, you will have completed all courses with the same title.

To get started, please email to create an account. Following are the pathways, courses and modules you will have access to once your account is setup:

Accessibility for Content Contributors and Designers

  • WCAG 2.1 – New and Improved
  • Accessibility in the Classroom
  • Accessibility for Designers
  • Making Accessible PDFs
  • Accessible Documents
  • Accessible Multimedia
  • Using the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform for Digital Accessibility
  • Digital Accessibility for Content Contributors
  • Accessibility for Marketers

Accessibility for Leadership

  • WCAG 2.1 – New and Improved
  • Making Accessibility a Priority in Your Organization
  • Using the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform for Digital Accessibility
  • Auditing Websites for Complaint Resolution
  • Accessible Purchasing
  • Web Accessibility Fundamentals

Accessibility for Microsoft Office

  • Accessibility for Outlook
  • Accessibility for PowerPoint
  • Accessibility for Word
  • Accessibility for Excel

Accessibility for Web Developers

  • WCAG 2.1 – New and Improved
  • Making Accessible PDFs
  • Digital Accessibility for Developers – Part 1
  • Digital Accessibility for Developers – Part 2
  • Testing for Digital Accessibility
  • Web Accessibility Fundamentals

Web Fundamentals: Accessibility, Analytics, and SEO

  • Web Accessibility Fundamentals
  • Web Analytics Fundamentals
  • SEO Fundamentals

Web Accessibility by Google via Udacity

Google Udacity LogoWhile the Web Accessibility by Google course is free, you will need to sign-in using the Google button at the bottom of the page. Click on the following lessons within the course to get started:

Web Accessibility via Google for Web Developers

Google Web Fundamentals LogoWhile the Web Accessibility by Google via Udacity serves as base on accessibility, Google’s Web Accessibility for Web Developers delivers a concise treatment of accessibility principles specific to Web Developers.

Following are the links to the topics regarding accessibility for Web Developers:


Microsoft Office Accessibility Training

MS Office LogoAccessibility in Microsoft Office – Learn how to make your WordExcel, and PowerPoint documents more accessible.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC PDF Training

Adobe’s Acrobat DC Accessibility webinar series will provide you with instructions on how to remediate PDF documents. Please register for any event on Adobe’s event website and clicking on Webinar located under Popular Tags.

Adobe Acrobat LogoThe YouTube webinars are available at the following Adobe page and below:

Practice files and PowerPoint slides can be found here:

MS Office and PDF Remediation Checklists

  1. Checklist for making accessible Microsoft Office and PDF documents
  2. Section 508’s Creating Accessible Documents Links

Universal Design Learning (UDL)

Multiple Means of Student Engagement through Universal Design Learning (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a commonly used “framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn” (UDL, 2020). Instructors can embrace more effective and accessible course design for all learners by incorporating UDL guidelines.

Faculty presenters from across the UH system share their ideas and tips on creating an engaging learning environment and incorporating learning activities that align well with accessibility guidelines.