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Prospective Teachers

The ELI employs a range of teachers, all of whom are currently MA or PhD students in the Department of Second Language Studies. All teachers currently hold Graduate Assistantships that include a full or partial tuition waiver, in addition to a stipend. Our lead teachers are experienced teachers who have responsibilities for curriculum development and teacher mentoring (for which they receive course release time).


Every semester, ELI classes are observed by a number of people, including ELI administrative staff, ELI teachers, students in the Department of Second Language Studies, and other visiting language professionals. This page details procedures for observing ELI classes, how to sign up to observe a course, and guidelines and etiquette for observers.

ELI Plagiarism Policy

The ELI Plagiarism Policy is an in-depth resource on plagiarism, the complexities of it, and tips on how to respond to plagiarism. The ELI’s policy statement aims to raise awareness about the complexities surrounding plagiarism, to recognize that what really underlies plagiarism is the incorporation of sources in scholarly work in ways that are considered appropriate by academic communities, and to promote a shift away from a paradigm of plagiarism that focuses on academic dishonesty to one that focuses on learners’ development of appropriate citation skills.