Simple Expansions of the Basic Sentence

Expansion by Compounding

Two or more syntatically equivalent units can be joined in a coordinate structure by the use of conjunctors. These conjunctions may occur betweeen words, phrases, or sentences.

at and neither...nor
pero, subali't, nguni't, datapwa't but
ikaw at ako you and I
ikaw o ako you and I
ni ikaw ni ako neither you and I
tanyag pero walang-kapararakan famous but worthless
Events, participants, and modifiers may be compounded.
  • Compound Events
  • Lumundag at kumokak ang palaka.
  • Pumikit at kumindat ang mama.
  • Compound Participants
  • Lumangoy sina Pete at Abra. (compound actors)
  • Compound Modifiers
  • Kumita nang malaki ang matindi at madamdaming pelikula.