The following procedures should be followed for students requesting disability access services for the first time:

  1. Fill out the KOKUA Program Student Information Form and schedule an intake appointment.

    Following your acceptance to the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and your decision to attend UHM, please email to complete a KOKUA Student Information Form and request an intake appointment with a KOKUA Counselor.

  2. Meet with a KOKUA Counselor for intake

    The initial intake appointment is typically a one-hour appointment with the KOKUA Counselor who has been assigned to work with you. If you are able, please bring a copy of your disability documentation to the meeting or send it prior to this appointment. This documentation might include one or more of the following: a diagnosis of your current disability, as well as supporting information, such as the date of the diagnosis, how that diagnosis was reached, the credentials of the diagnosing professional, information on how your disability affects a major life activity, and information on how the disability affects your academic performance.

    A KOKUA Counselor will begin an interactive process with you to understand the connection between your disability and related service needs. KOKUA will learn more about your disability condition/symptoms to understand how this impacts your learning. During this appointment KOKUA will determine what services you are authorized to receive. If any request for services is not approved, the reasons for denial will be explained.

    KOKUA Staff will orient you to our respective procedures and policies for specific services.

  3. Sign a Service Agreement Form (SAF)

    KOKUA’s SAF is a document you sign to request KOKUA services for that term. Because KOKUA’s process is interactive, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with your Counselor at any time to amend or otherwise change your service requests by updating your SAF.

    You must meet with your KOKUA Counselor to fill out an SAF each semester/term for term-specific services. Disability conditions may be dynamic and course requirements vary and thus service needs may differ each term. Despite whatever services may have been "authorized" by KOKUA in the intake appointment, KOKUA Counselors will not arrange for any term-specific services without your written permission/request. This includes but is not limited to services such as disclosure of your disability status in faculty liaison letters, notetaking, exam accommodations, alternate format production, etc.