For UH Mānoa Events and Meetings

Unfortunately we are not available to assist with Interpreting and/or Captioning requests that are not related to the University of Hawaii at Mānoa.

If you have received a request from a Deaf individual requesting an interpreter for your UH Mānoa event or meeting, please:

  1. Submit a request to KOKUA by telephone at (808) 956-7612 or by email at at least 2 weeks prior to an event.
  2. Please include in your request:

    • Day and date of event;
    • Start and end time;
    • Location (Building and room #)/Zoom link;
    • # of Interpreters/Captioners needed;
    • Name, phone #, and email of contact person;
    • Billing contact information;
    • Any other pertinent information (e.g. preferred Vendor, dress code, etc. )

  3. KOKUA will confirm via email that your request has been received. KOKUA staff will likely call your office/program to clarify billing details.
  4. Interpreters/Captioners will not be requested until payment information is confirmed.
  5. When an Interpreter(s)/Captioner(s) confirms their availability for your event, KOKUA will so notify the event contact person. However, if no provider can be located, KOKUA will transmit this information to the event contact person.
  6. If there are any changes made to the submitted request, please contact KOKUA immediately.

Once a request has been received, it is your responsibility to contact KOKUA if any of the details change or if the request is cancelled. Your office/program may be liable for cancellation costs if services are not cancelled in ample time.

Length of Assignment Cancellation Time Fees Payable
Less than 2 hours At least 24 hours None
Less than 2 hours Less than 24 hours Full Charges
2 to 4 hours At least 48 hours None
2 to 4 hours Less than 48 hours Full Charges
4 hours or more At least 72 hours None
4 hours or more 24-72 hours Minimum of 2 hours plus half of the remaining scheduled time
4 hours or more Less than 24 hours Full Charges

We regret that late requests for interpreting and/or captioning may not be possible to fill.

For more detailed information about Sign Language Interpreting and/or Captioning on the Mānoa campus, please email KOKUA at or call 808-956-7612.