tree lined walkway at U H Manoa
UH Mānoa’s McCarthy Mall

McCarthy Mall is looking a little brighter this fall. The highly used thoroughfare leading up to Hamilton Library, Kennedy Theatre and a number of other buildings at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa just completed a facelift over the summer. Recommendations by the newly-created Mānoa Campus Brightening Task Force, a partnership comprised of staff and students, identified areas in need of repair and improvements such as McCarthy Mall.

Before, left, and after of the stairs by Hamilton Library

The project was completed in four weeks and consisted of repairing, painting, planting and power washing buildings, stairs, benches and walkways, including:

  • McCarthy Mall concrete walkway repair
  • McCarthy Mall planters repair and paint
  • McCarthy Mall raised bed benches paint
  • Bilger Hall exterior paint
  • Hamilton Library concrete stairs repair
  • Hamilton Library wall exterior paint
  • Snyder Hall entryway power wash and paint

Future projects along McCarthy Mall are currently being considered by the group, which may include modifications to the Webster Hall trellis and entry courtyard, and painting of the exterior walls of Keller Hall and the Art Building.

“The Mānoa Campus Brightening pilot project identified critical areas along McCarthy Mall that improved the appearance and safety of the mall for our campus community,” said Blake Araki, UH director of campus operations and facilities. “I’ve been seeing the raised benches being used more often by students, and that’s a good sign that the project is making an impact.“

The task force members are part of the Office of the Vice President for Administration and the UH Community Design Center, which provides service learning and professional development opportunities for students, in UH Mānoa’s School of Architecture.

exteriors photos of Bilger Hall, one before painting, one after
Before, left, and after of Bilger Hall