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University of Hawaiʻi students have a new system helping them keep track of their financial information. The new STAR E-bill will help students with their tuition and fees payments just as STAR GPS, guides them through their academic journey.

Once a month, students enrolled in the 10 campus system will receive an automated E-bill reminder of what they currently owe in tuition and fees.

“STAR E-bill will make it easier for students to keep track of their finances and will ultimately reduce outstanding balances and overdue bills,” said Kalbert Young, UH vice president for budget and finance and chief financial officer. “I really think that students and parents will find this very useful.”

The monthly E-bill will reflect updates to students’ accounts to make it easier to keep track of payments toward tuition, non-residency fee, selective service fee and lab fees. Payments include loans, scholarships, grants, cash, credit card, checks including web checks, company payments, military payments and 529 plans. Students will also be able to review their current course information with E-bill.

E-Bill does not include parking fines, library fines, housing payments or other miscellaneous charges.

The STAR E-Bill system was developed by UH, which also created the nationally recognized STAR GPS system for class registration and management.

For more information, students should contact their campus cashier’s office.

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