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Screenshot from High School Counselors Workshop

Nearly 160 high school counselors from across the state attended a September workshop by the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Office of Admissions so they could better advise students who are considering enrolling at UHʻs flagship campus.

Hawaiʻi high school counselors play a pivotal role in UH Mānoaʻs local student recruitment efforts. The admissions office has been holding the annual High School Counselor Workshop for more than 30 years, continually refreshing the event to support the evolving needs of counselors. This year’s workshop was virtual due to COVID-19 pandemic precautions and featured UH Mānoa’s academic programs and student services.

“I really appreciate this opportunity so much,” said one participant, “As the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) teacher, I needed to know this information as well to help guide our students.”

The workshop also offered breakout sessions that covered UH admissions updates, scholarship opportunities at UH Mānoa, financial aid services, planting seeds for student access and success, the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Pathways (BAM), Study Abroad Programs and more.

“We continue to build upon our relationship with high school counselors as we value their partnership; with the goal of supporting their students through the college application process,” said UH Mānoa Director of Admissions Ryan Yamaguchi. “The High School Counselors Workshop provides an opportunity for us to collaborate and share important information and updates about our campus with counselors.”

The UH Mānoa Office of Admissions offers events created specifically for the prospective student and related audiences year-round. To learn more, go to the admissions website.

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