Past Meetings

Schwartz, B. (2022, May 2). Style shifting among Pidgin (Hawaiʻi Creole) speaking children.

Kahikina, A. (2022, April 25). Talk Story About Hoʻoilina. (Play Guide)

Higgins, C., Urada, K., & Mizukami, M. (2022, April 4). Discussion on AAAL 2022 Presentation – Engaging audiences in a public language corpus: Towards citizen science in multilingual Hawaiʻi.

Higgins, C. (2022, February 14). Discussion on awards for research and creative works.

Higgins, C., & Urada, K. (2021, April 5). Launch of Multilingual Hawai’i website (

Morihara, E. (2021, March 8). Talk story session with Earl Morihara and his work on producing an audio version of Da Jesus Book (the New Testament) in Pidgin.

Sasaoka, K., & Higgins, C. (2020, January 27). Expanding the Pidgin in Public database.

Schwartz, B. (2018, September 17). Discussion: (1) Planned activities for SLS 130: Introduction to Pidgin in Hawaii; (2) Pidgin-Hawaiian Summit, a one-day workshop in October that will explore the relationship between these two languages in the teaching and learning of Hawaiian. Teachers of Ōlelo Hawaiʻi will share their perspectives on a range of topics, including how knowledge of Pidgin helps learning and teaching Hawaiian and the kuleana of local, Hawaiian, and malihini students in the learning of this language.

Dang, T. (2018, March 12). Discussion: Plans to analyze transcripts of “Braddah Craig’s Missed Connections” and/or other segments of “Keola & Rella In the Morning” for Pidgin use. (email:

NeSmith, K. (2018, January 29). Discussion: experience of translating The Little Prince into Pidgin.

Camp, A. (2017, November 20). Discussion: brainstorming an upcoming study “Acoustic correlates of stress in Pidgin.” (email:

Lewis, T. (2017, November 6). Discussion: brainstorming about doing a study on the comments on Facebook about the Pidgin Summit articles.

Stabile C. (2017, September 25). Discussion: update on her study on quotatives in Pidgin. (email:

Schwartz, B. (2017, March 20). Discussion: possible future dissertation work on Pidgin use in children. (email:

Nordstrom, G. (2016, December 5). Discussion: talk story about her ideas for writing a book. She is an assistant professor in the English department.

Booth, M. (2016, November 21). Discussion: what has happened since the release of her documentary “Pidgin: The Voice of Hawai’i” was released 8 years ago. She will also discuss her new project on Kanalu Young.

Hartsfield, C. (2016, November 7). Discussion: Talk story about his Civil Beat article “Why Pidgin Still Matters.” (email:

Stabile, C. (2016, October 24). Discussion: Update on her Pidgin quotatives research. (email: