Funding Opportunities



This fund provides financial support for students of the University of Hawai’i pursuing academic work involving or related to Hawai’i Creole English (“Pidgin”).

This award honors Dr. Charlene Sato, Associate Professor in the Department of ESL, who died in 1996. Educated at Leilehua High School, UC Berkeley, the University of Hawai’i, and UCLA, Dr. Sato was well known internationally for her work in sociolinguistics, and pidgin/creole studies. Dr. Sato devoted her academic career to the study of Hawai’i Creole English and language policy in Hawai’i, and her early death has left a huge gap in the on-going struggle to have HCE accepted and legitimated as a valid language.
The Sato Memorial fund has been established to carry on Dr. Sato’s rich legacy. The purpose of the fund is to provide study awards to students of the University of Hawai’i who are pursuing academic work involving or related to HCE.

TO BE ELIGIBLE: You must be a student (either undergraduate or graduate) enrolled in any course of study at any campus of the University of Hawai’i.
You must submit a brief proposal (2-5 pages) outlining your academic work as it relates to Hawai’i Creole English. This work may include, but is not limited to, linguistic, educational, historical, political or cultural aspects of Hawai’i Creole English. Please give your proposed research a descriptive title.
The research proposal should show evidence of your knowledge of relevant literature concerning Hawai’i Creole English, and indicate the specific way in which the award moneys would be used to further your academic work on Hawai’i Creole English.
The proposal should also specify the amount requested (up to $1500) and the purposes to which it will be put. You should include a budget outlining the specific ways you would spend the money, and justifying each budget item. If any equipment is requested, please explain why it cannot be obtained from other sources.
The proposal should specify the program you are in, and include the names and contact details of two academic referees. You should also explain how the research results will be disseminated.

Please make sure that you also include full contact information.

APPLICATIONS: Applications are accepted each semester by the Chair of Second Language Studies (SLS) Department, UH-Manoa. For deadlines, inquire at: Dr. Christina Higgins:

Applications will be judged on their academic merits and relevance to the intent of the award, by a faculty committee. Applicants will be notified of the results within approximately 3 weeks. Successful applicants will be required to present a written report of their completed study to the Sato Center for Research on Pidgin, Creole and Dialect Studies in the SLS Dept.

INQUIRIES: Contact Dr. Christina Higgins