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students dancings through bamboo
Ensemble from Filipino Studies Group (Photo credit: Raiatea Arcuri)

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo international students and community volunteers took the stage at the 45th annual International Nights. They performed traditional songs and dances from their homelands at the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center on February 21 and 22.

The two-night production by the International Student Association carried on the beautiful tradition of sharing cultures from all over the world. The unique celebration of diversity gave the college and community an opportunity to experience a multitude of cultural performances.

International Nights Program

desi fire dancer
Fire dancer from Big Island Desi (Photo credit: Raiatea Arcuri)

On February 21, the following groups and countries were represented:

  • Japan: Taishoji Taiko
  • Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM): Pohnpei Kaselehlie Club
  • Japan: Japanese Student Association
  • Kosrae, FSM: Kosrae Hilo Organization
  • West Africa: LavaRoots Performing Arts
  • Sri Lanka: Thatmini Kularatna
  • Samoa: Tupulaga O Samoa Mo A Taeao

The February 22 lineup featured the following cultures and organizations:

  • Japan: Puna Taiko
  • Philippines: Filipino Studies Group
  • Tonga: Maata Fakasieiki
  • Palau: Ngelekel Belau Club
  • Ireland: Hawaiʻi Irish Dance
  • Yap, FSM: Waab Student Organization
  • India: Big Island Desi
  • Marshall Islands: Marshallese Iakwe Club

View the International Nights photo essay by student Raiatea Arcuri on the UH Hilo Stories website.

dancer jumping
West African performers from LavaRoots Performing Arts (Photo credit: Raiatea Arcuri)
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