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Komohana tomatoes, one of the Seed Lab’s best sellers

Many local residents are turning to home gardens due to of COVID-19 quarantine practices; however, it’s not easy to find locally developed seeds for plants that perform well in Hawaiʻi’s unique tropical conditions and are resistant to local pests and plant diseases.

Fortunately for professional growers and backyard enthusiasts, the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources’ (CTAHR) UH Seed Laboratory provides a wide selection of vegetable and fruit seeds that have been bred and tested to grow well in Hawaiʻi.

Lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, supersweet corn and green onion are just a few of the varieties they have to offer. The seeds come in individual home garden packets for $1.50 each, and the lab ships them directly to home addresses.

To order seeds, contact the UH Seed Laboratory at or call (808) 956-7890. Seeds that are currently available are on the UH Seed Laboratory website.

For more details, visit the CTAHR website.

—By Desmond Ogata, UH Seed Laboratory, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

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