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student with cakes
UH Maui College Culinary Arts Student Charlene Ramos with the cakes: Red – Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake; Green – Pistachio Mascarpone Mousse Cake; Light Brown – Almond Lilikoʻi Mousse Cake; Dark Chocolate with Chocolate “Cigarettes” – Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

Although 75% of the classes at the University of Hawaiʻi Maui College are online, there are some courses that are successfully taking place in person. With strict health and safety protocols in place, the award-winning Culinary Arts Program continues to move forward by baking beautiful cakes during COVID-19.

chocolate mousse cake
Chocolate caramel mousse cake with a hazelnut dacquoise (Photo credit: UH Maui College)

For the last two weeks, Advanced Baking 1 students have been working on entremets (pronounced ‘ontra-may’), stunning multi-layered mousse-based cakes with complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts.

French in origin, entremets weren’t cakes at all in the 12th Century when the word referred to the entertainment “served” between the courses of a feast. It eventually evolved into small dishes served between savory courses.

Today, they are most familiar as desserts and a way for pastry chefs and their students to demonstrate their baking skills. Entremets are complex cakes that involve difficult techniques and advanced knowledge of flavors and textures. Their construction is nothing short of architectural.

Culinary Arts Program Coordinator Pastry Chef Teresa Shurilla teaches this advanced class and has decades of experience making these stunning cakes.

“They’re the best way to teach the foundation skills that are required for almost any complex cake or patisserie,” Shurilla said. “Our students always love this project, especially when they see the beautiful results. And now, on to wedding cakes!”

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View more photos of the students’ entremets on Flickr.

green and red cake
Raspberry white chocolate mousse cake (front) and pistachio mascarpone mousse cake (Photo credit: UH Maui College)

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