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(Photo credit: Andrew Hara)

Governor Ige just released the list of bills he intends to veto, HB 2024 was not on that list. This means HB 2024, which would transfer stewardship and management of Maunakea from the University of Hawaiʻi to a new authority, will pass into law. The University of Hawaiʻi is committed to working collaboratively with the new authority, created by the legislation, to ensure a smooth transition of all stewardship responsibilities. An internal analysis is currently underway to determine how to best transfer UH’s complex long-term obligations to the new management entity including leases, easements, subleases, permits, etc. Some of this transition work was laid out in the university’s letter to the Chair of the Department of Land and Natural Resources (PDF) on May 30, 2022. The university will also provide information and support to transition the many stewardship programs currently caring for the natural and cultural resources and ensuring safe public access to the mauna, including the critically important work being performed by the Maunakea Rangers. Until the transition occurs, the university is committed to responsible stewardship of Maunakea.

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