Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I log in to

The UH site can be accessed through its direct link at, on individual pages across the UH Student Basic Needs Website, or by typing in your zipcode into the search boxes found on your campus resource page. UH has worked with Aunt Bertha to create single sign-on for anyone with a University of Hawai’i account. Simple log-in by typing in your UH credentials. If interested, you can also update your profile on the site with your name and phone number.

The link to the SBN website is In addition, the link can be found at the bottom of every Laulima page. Faculty and instructors are encouraged to include the SBN statement into their course syllabus where the link can also be found.

How do I know if I qualify for certain programs?

Each individual program has its own regulations and requirements. On the UH Find Help website, you can check eligibility requirements by utilizing the Filter function. The More Info section will also show what criteria an individual needs to meet to be approved.

Can I re-apply to a program?

Please contact the program directly as each individual program has its own regulations and requirements regarding reapplications.

Can I refer non-UH students to these program?

When referring someone who isn’t a direct family member or non-UH student, please utilize Aunt Bertha’s public website This site can be used by anyone and offers the same programs that the UH Find Help website offers.