Contents Fall 2023


Fall 2023 Issue

guest editors Gary Mawyer and Gregory Dobrasz


Founder’s Note

Gary Mawyer Introduction

Lillian Howan Do I Need a Lawyer

Pat Matsueda One Pierced Moment / Prologue to Novella

Gregory Dobrasz Virgin Hair

Jonathan Morse Library 2023

Angela Nishimoto Teadora and Papa Eye

Quincy Howard I Knew Love

Debra Hiers Poems

Alan Mawyer The Quiet Road

Donald Mawyer Cowboy

Gary Mawyer, Edward A. Mawyer, Daniel Mawyer
A Study in Interruption

Banner image by Jonathan Morse
maui mountains image by anton repponen

Contents 2020/2021

Sudden, photograph by Jonathan Morse (click to enlarge)

Illness as a Form of Existence
2020/2021 Issue

Guest-edited by Tracy Robert and Liz Abrams-Morley

Notes on the Issue


Barbara Crooker

Ruth Dickey

Katrina Hayes

James Mancinelli

Michelle Matthees

MaryAnn Miller

Adele Ne Jame

Angela Nishimoto

Lois Roma-Deeley


Alison Stone

Antonio Vallone


Julie Gard

Linda Lenhoff

Sara Kay Rupnik


Thomas Farber

Cameron Gearen

Matthew Goodman

Lillian Howan

Kathryn Trueblood

Eric Wilson

Book Review

Pat Matsueda

Contents 2019

Otherworld / Underworld • 2019 Issue

Guest-edited by Lillian Howan and Angela Nishimoto
Notes on the Issue

Photograph by Jonathan Morse


Artist Tools by Marilyn Stablein


One More Race Before We Die by Michael Banister

Search the Waters by Donald Carreira Ching

And Again by E. Christopher Clark

The Gray Area by Ann Gelder

Farewell to the Dream Chamber by Jeffery Ryan Long

Taxi Ride by Jason Erik Lundberg

Case File #3689 by Zoë E. Sprott

Tu-An Ju by Marianne Villanueva

The Tunnel by Orit Weksler


Letter to Tangata / Journal Entry by Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu

Messages by Tracy Robert

My Father’s Clients by Euginia Tan


Underotherworld by Stephanie Han

The Samurai Jee Leong Koh

Saturday by Angela Nishimoto

Cryogenia by D. F. Sanders

Fools’ Guide to the Underworld Sam Taylor


Into the Interior You Will Zoom: An Interview with Jonathan Morse by Pat Matsueda

Portfolio of Jonathan Morse Photographs