UH Safety Solutions

Welcome to UH Safety Solutions!

The University of Hawaii at Manoa Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) has implemented a new software program designed to improve safety and facilitate regulatory compliance in laboratories at UH Manoa.

UH Safety Solutions incorporates the use of three modules:

Per the UH Chemical Hygiene Plan and OSHA/HIOSH, laboratories must evaluate present and potential hazards (physical and chemical) and create standard operating procedures (SOPs). The LHA is a concise and clear process by which a laboratory’s existing and proposed physical and chemical hazards are identified. Each laboratory shall complete a LHA and use it to:

  • Identify and Evaluate Hazards
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Implement Risk Control Systems
  • Select and Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
**Please note that in order to

 Log in to UH Safety Solutions

you will need a valid hawaii.edu email address**

Note: The Inspect tool is tied to the LHA and will be used for EHSO laboratory inspections. PI’s and their designees will also be able to use Inspect to conduct self-inspections.

What steps need to be taken?

  1. Log in to UH Safety Solutions to complete the Laboratory Hazard Assessment (LHA) or assign a delegate to do the assessment for you.
    • Answer the series of yes/no questions that make up the hazard assessment.
    • Certify that the assessment is complete.
  2. Ensure that all lab personnel go through the LHA process.
    • This includes but is not limited to post docs, visiting scholars, undergrads, volunteers, and special session students.
  3. Chemical management/inventory
    • Go to training section on UH Safety Solutions main website.
    • Select Training Videos for Chemicals.
    • Click on the Chemicals Demo for instructions on how to use Chemicals software.
    • If there are any other questions for the use of Chemicals software, select the appropriate training video.
      *Please note that the “scanning and barcoding” for Chemicals is not available at this time*
  1. Complete the Laboratory Hazard Assessment (LHA).
  1. Complete Lab Personnel Safety Checklist (LPSC) with PI.
  1. Acknowledge Laboratory Hazard Assessment (LHA).
    • After your PI has certified your laboratory’s LHA, you will receive an email telling you to log in to UH Safety Solutions and confirm the acknowledgement.
  1. Complete Lab Personnel Safety Checklist (LPSC) with PI.

More information

  • What is UH Safety Solutions?
  • Are there any training information/videos on how to use the LHA? Go to training section (below) and select specific topic.
  • If you are a PI and have concerns about the activities that will be performed in your lab or are not sure if the Laboratory Hazard Assessment (LHA) applies to your lab, please consult with UH EHSO at labsafe@hawaii.edu.
  • If you are a lab worker and have concerns about the activities that will be performed in your lab, please discuss with you PI directly, and consult with UH EHSO at labsafe@hawaii.edu, as needed.
  • For software issues please email the help desk at service@RiskandSafetySolutions.com