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Sang Yee Cheon, headshot

Sang Yee Cheon

An assistant professor in East Asian Languages and Literatures, Sang Yee Cheon has developed course materials for advanced level Korean language, enlarging the student enrollment. She advises undergraduate students, participates in academic conferences, serves as a committee member on academic associations, publishes regularly and introduces Korean culture to the broader public.

Cheon has single-handedly envisioned, formulated and structured the BA flagship program in Korean, developed its curricula and recruited its students. Cheon creates a friendly atmosphere in her classes and is one of the most popular and respected teachers in the department.

The Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching is awarded by the Board of Regents as tribute to faculty members who exhibit an extraordinary level of subject mastery and scholarship, teaching effectiveness and creativity and personal values that benefit students. The board also awards the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research.

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