CI High Performance Computing Expansion

green circleStatus: On-target

Last Update:
August 6, 2019
Primary Contact: Gwen Jacobs (, Director, Cyberinfrastructure

Strategic Alignment:

Hawaiʻi Innovation Initiative

ITS Strategy:

(B) Promote ITS as a Research Partner

Description & Benefits:
The first UH HPC cluster upgrade was completed in March 2016, with 92 additional compute nodes and an expanded infiniband switch. Approximately 24 nodes are available for purchase which will fill the current cluster to capacity. A second HPC cluster with an advanced low latency high bandwidth networking is in the planning stages. ITS-CI and researchers from the Institute for Astronomy and SOEST will collaborate to submit an NSF MRI proposal for the new cluster.


  • Cluster #1
    • Current cluster upgrade is continuous until capacity is reached
  • Cluster # 2
    • Purchase GPU hardware for HDSI and Ike Wai users - April 2019
    • Cluster migration - July 2019
    • Replace Cray ACE Management system w/xCAT - July 2019
    • Evaluate space, power and cooling limits in current footprint - ongoing
    • Space, power, and cooling deployment - ongoing
  • NSF MRI Award ($700k) for HPC Cluster for Data Intensive Research - September 2019
    • Award Abstract #1920304
    • Posted RFP - November 2019
    • Posted answers to vendor questions - December 2019
    • Reviewed proposals and awarded pending completion of Statement of Work / contract - 1/7/2020