WICHE Interstate Passport

green circleStatus: On-target

Last Update: July 9, 2019
Primary Contacts:
Peter Quigley (quigleyp@hawaii.edu), Associate VP for Academic Affairs, UH Community Colleges
Hae Okimoto (hae@hawaii.edu), Associate VP for Student Affairs & Director of Academic Technologies, UH System

Strategic Alignment: Hawai'i Graduation Initiative

ITS Strategy:
(A) Support Student Success

Description & Benefits:
The implementation of the WICHE Interstate Passport supports the national program facilitating block transfer of all lower-division general education attainment based on student learning outcomes, rather than on specific courses and credits. Students who transfer with a Passport to another member institution are recognized as having completed all lower-division general education requirements prior to transfer, regardless of course titles and credits.

ITS has responsibility of the technical aspects of this project.

IRAO has responsibility for tracking student success upon completion of the WICHE Passport.


  • SZPPPEX Job submission process for campuses to generate Passport earners reporting to Clearinghouse - completed
  • SZPTCMT Job submission process for campuses to mass load transcript & comment for Passport earners - completed
  • Campuses adopt WICHE Passport
    • Hawaii CC - in progress
    • Honolulu CC - in progress
    • Kapiolani CC - in progress
    • Kauai CC - in progress
    • Leeward CC - completed
    • Maui College - in progress
    • Windward CC - in progress
    • UHH - in progress
    • UHM - in progress
    • UHWO - completed
  • Identify process to identify students who have earned the WICHE Passport at UH - STAR - completed
  • Create "Completion File" to be sent to National Student Clearinghouse - Banner - completed
  • Create process to record in student transcript of WICHE Passport earned - Banner - completed
  • Create academic progress data submission to NSC - IRAO - in progress
  • IRAO tracking - TBD
  • Project completion - Spring 2020