Kuali Curriculum Management

green circleStatus: On-target

Last Update: September 4, 2019
Primary Contact: Lynn Inoshita (inoshita@hawaii.edu), Project Manager

Strategic Alignment:
Hawaiʻi Graduation Initiative

ITS Strategy:
(A) Support Student Success

Description & Benefits:
In 2016, the Kuali Student Curriculum Management (KSCM) system replaced a home grown curriculum management system that was used at some of the campuses and a paper-based process at others. KSCM supports collaborative creation, review, and approval workflow of courses and programs. KSCM helps to facilitate enhanced communication to inform respective parties (via workflow) about new curricular changes and their impact across existing courses and programs. The reports feature was revamped in 2019 and provides users with real-time data and the ability to run reports for accreditation, program review, assessment, and other operational and reporting needs of the campuses.


  • Kuali Onsite Visits w/6 campuses (Hawaii CC, Leeward CC, Kapiolani CC, West Oahu, Windward CC, & Honolulu CC) - July 2019 - Completed
  • Kuali Catalog Review - August 2019 - Completed
  • Windward CC: Audit recommended changes promoted to production - March 2020