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Sandra Sanpei, headshot

Sandra Sanpei

Sandra Sanpei is a professor in communication arts at Honolulu Community College.

More than just an excellent classroom teacher, Sanpei received praise for her involvement in all aspects of the students’ program and providing the overall support needed to graduate from that program. She helps students in and out of the classroom, and even takes the time to fix administrative glitches for students.

Students often describe her as “challenging” and “stern,” with the description of being the “best teacher I have ever had” in the same breath. Students realize that Sanpei is aware of the competitive, time pressured nature of their chosen careers, and that in the real world their work will be technical, detailed and complicated, requiring not only mastered skills but a high quality work ethic.

Noted by one of her students as the “glue that holds the communication arts department together,” Sandra’s discipline and tireless attention to detail and quality are an educational lesson for how students must be to achieve their dream of being a part of the communication arts industry.

The Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching is awarded by the Board of Regents as tribute to faculty members who exhibit an extraordinary level of subject mastery and scholarship, teaching effectiveness and creativity and personal values that benefit students. The board also awards the Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research.

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