The Payroll Office is responsible for processing payroll for all campuses within the UH System.  New hires, changes, and terminations are submitted to the Payroll Office; actual payments are processed by the State of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS).  The Payroll Office works primarily with the personnel officer and administrative officer of the college, school, or department that you are employed by. Personnel and Administrative Officers should contact us in matters relating to employee salary and wage payments and payroll deductions.

Correspondence / checks for employees that the Payroll Office receives from outside agencies or parties are forwarded to Departmental Personnel Officers for distribution to employees.

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Payroll Information

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Information for Faculty and Staff

Employee Information

Please contact your department’s Personnel Officer if you have any questions. They will contact our office for assistance if they cannot answer your question. Ask your supervisor to direct you to this person if you do not know who to talk to. For your own protection we do not release your payroll information to you over the phone since we cannot verify your identity; we can release certain information to authorized department representatives.

Helpful Links

Payroll Numbers
Deferred Compensation (IRS 457)
Tax-Deferred Annuities (IRS 403B)

When you are hired

When you are hired, University of Hawaiʻi employees can access direct deposit, pay statements, and tax forms by logging in to the State of Hawaiʻi’s online payroll system, Hawaiʻi Information Portal (HIP):

  1. Form W-4 – Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate:
  2. Form HW-4 – Employee’s Withholding Exemption and Status Certificate:
  3. Direct Deposit – direct deposit is required by State of Hawaii Law, and it prevents you from losing your paycheck (it takes some time to get you a replacement check):
  4. Pay Statements:

Other Forms (go to the Forms and Information page to obtain forms):

  1. Form W-5 – if you are eligible for Advance Earned Income Credit Payments
  2. Form HW-6 – Employee’s Statement Concerning Non-Residence in the State of Hawaii (if you feel you are exempt from State withholding you may need to complete this form)
  3. Form HW-7 – Exemption from Withholding on Nonresident Employee’s Wages (if you feel you are exempt from State withholding your employer may need to complete this form)

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Payroll AO/PO

Document Submission / Input Deadlines

Pay Schedule
Payroll Calendar
Payroll Deadlines (Lag)
Payroll Deadlines (After-the-Fact)
SECE Timesheet Deadlines
TAPS Timesheet Deadlines

System Links

UH Office of Human Resources  –

Student Employment and Cooperative Education (SECE) – Student Employment webpage

TAPS (Timesheet and Payment System)
PagecenterX – KFS, SCOPIS, and other reports
KFS – Kuali Financial System

Salary Overpayments

Salary overpayments are preventable.  Here are some tips on how to avoid them:

  • Inform your respective Personnel Officer of employees who have not been to work or who have terminated employment.
  • Promptly report reductions in FTE.
  • Keep track of leave balances for new employees.
  • Monitor employees with low vacation and/or sick leave balances.
  • Report employees that do not report to work and have exhausted all sick and vacation leave.
  • Report leave without pay (LWOP) for all after-the-fact employees.
  • Follow the LWOP reporting deadlines.  If you miss a deadline, call Payroll immediately.  If overpayments occur, follow the respective administrative procedures for collection.

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Statutory Dues

HGEA Notices
UPW Notices

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