International Undergraduate Student Scholarship (IUSS)

The International Undergraduate Student Scholarship encourages the recruitment and retention of high-achieving international undergraduate degree-seeking students at UH Mānoa and serves the strategic and diversity goals of the university.

Eligibility: Open to new and continuing UH Mānoa undergraduate students who hold or will hold F-1 or J-1 visa status during the award period. See table:

ClassificationMinimum Cumulative GPAACT or SATNote
Incoming Freshman3.0HighGPA/Scores verified by Admissions Office.
Incoming Transfer3.0-GPA verified by Admissions Office.
Continuing3.0-GPA based on at least two semesters of study in a UHM degree program. First semester freshman/transfer students with no UHM GPA will have their GPA verified by the UHM Admissions Office, based on their admission application.

New transfer/freshmen must submit an admission application to UHM in order to be considered. Second bachelor's degree applicants and non-degree students (for example, students from other schools here on exchange programs) are NOT eligible.

If you currently have the International Merit Award Scholarship (IMAS) or Mānoa International Excellence Scholarship (MIES), you are not eligible for the IUSS.

  • $10,000 per academic year ($5,000 per semester, fall and spring), renewable based on continuing eligibility
  • Applied to UH Mānoa tuition and fees only
  • Cannot be applied to courses at other UH campuses and UHM Extension courses
  • May not be combined with the International Merit Award Scholarship (IMAS) and Mānoa International Excellence Scholarship (MIES), which are administered by the Admissions Office
  • The IUSS is given for an academic year, starting in fall only.
  • The recipient's class level will be verified at the beginning of the fall semester based on total number of credits toward graduation (not the number of credits needed for a specific major). Based on this information, the recipient will be eligible for annual renewals based on the following chart.

Class Level in Initial Semester of AwardRenewal Limit
FreshmanCurrent year + 3 academic years
SophomoreCurrent year + 2 academic years
JuniorCurrent year + 1 academic year
SeniorCurrent year only

  • The recipient must enroll full-time each semester of the award (minimum: 12 credits) in UH Mānoa courses, unless they are in their last semester and receive authorization from ISS to enroll below full-time.
  • Renewals are based on the recipient maintaining a cumulative GPA  of 3.0 after each spring semester.
  • You are strongly encouraged to set up UH eRefund to reduce complications on getting tuition refunds.

Usually mid-February; check the current application for exact date.

If you have already submitted an application for admission to UH Mānoa, you will be considered automatically for the IUSS, and do not have to do anything else. Your application will have higher priority if you submit by the admission deadline.

Award recipients will be notified by March 1 or after the Admissions Office has sent acceptance letters.

A continuing student is someone who is currently enrolled, even if you are in your first semester at UH Mānoa. Complete the IUSS online application for the IUSS.

You must have a UH email account to access the application. If you are currently logged into a personal Gmail account, you will not be able to access the application and will receive an error message. In that case, log out of your personal Gmail account, then go to the link again, where you should see a login for your UH account.

Award recipients will be notified by April 1.

If you are not a CONTINUING student, and have applied for admission, you will automatically be considered for the IUSS. You do not have to submit a separate application.
Admission decisions are normally made before considerations for scholarships.
The IUSS is given at the start of each academic year in the fall semester. It does not award for spring semester admissions.
Class level is based on total number of qualified credits for graduation. It is possible for a student to have enough credits to be at Junior level, in which case the student would could renew up to one year after their Junior year. However, this same student may have changed majors and might need more time to complete their current major. Therefore, they might be have Junior class level, but might only be in the first year of their major. This does not change the renewal limits as they are not based on time toward completion of major.
The IUSS may not be combined with the International Merit Award Scholarship (IMAS) or the Mānoa International Excellence Scholarship (MIES). All other awards are allowed to be combined with the IUSS.
The scholarship will pay out to your account 10 days before the start of each semester.
Continuing students who receive any financial aid award do not have to pay tuition by the regular deadline. Your classes will not be cancelled for non-payment. Because you have a scholarship, your payment deadline is the final payment deadline, usually after the first week of each semester.
You should respond to the email notification to accept the scholarship and the terms of the award.
Your email will be your official award notice. However, award letters on UH stationery may be provided upon request.
The scholarship will be paid to your UH account and applied towards your tuition and fees balance. You do not receive money directly.
You are required to enroll in at least 12 credits of UH Mānoa courses. If you have met that requirement, additional credits may be taken from other UH campuses. However, the IUSS cannot be applied to tuition charged by other UH campuses.
Yes, but the cost and administration of Extension course credits are different from regular UH Mānoa courses. The scholarship will not apply to tuition for Extension courses.
No. The scholarship is granted for an academic year, but divided into $5,000 per semester. You cannot combine for a total of $10,000 in one semester.
If you receive RCL for last semester, then you will not need to enroll full time in order to receive the IUSS.
If it is the first semester of the scholarship, you may not defer it to another semester or year. Therefore, you cannot take a leave during the first semester of the scholarship. Leaves in the second semester or beyond may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but not guaranteed. You must contact the scholarship coordinator before taking a leave of absence to get approval to continue your IUSS when you return.
No. The scholarship is awarded for the academic year, and GPA is only checked for renewal purposes at the end of spring semester.
No. GPA is not rounded. Any GPA below 3.0 will be considered ineligible.
A notification will be sent to your UH email address.
It is up to you to keep track for yourself. However, once you reach the last year of your scholarship and there is no more possibility of renewal, then you shall receive an email notifying you of this in your final semester of the scholarship.
You will lose the scholarship, even if it is in the middle of the semester. Your scholarship will be withdrawn and you will have to pay the balance owed to your UH tuition.
Yes. Your record will be checked to see if you comply with the terms of the scholarship. If you do not meet these terms at any time during the semester, you will lose the scholarship. For example, if you withdraw from a course late in the semester, and that drops your enrollment below full-time, then you will lose the scholarship, even if there is only 3 weeks before the end of the semester. Because the scholarship has already been applied, you will receive a negative balance in your UH account that you must pay.
Wait-lists may be established if needed. If a scholarship becomes available, the highest ranked applicant will be awarded the scholarship.
Notifications will normally go out the 1st of each month after the initial announcement of awards on April 1. It will continue until the beginning of fall semester.