(1) For each form, please log in the request so it can be tracked, then (2) download or access the documents to complete and submit with any supporting documents to the ISS Office directly.

PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING: Visa services for J-1 exchange visitors have resumed in a majority of countries. Although the processing of applications may now continue for the J-1 student intern category, faculty hosts and prospective interns must weigh the current global conditions due to Covid-19. Due to the fluid nature of the pandemic in the U.S. and other countries, the ability to retain the appropriate visa or plane flights, or to start and/or complete internships may be limited at any time. Faculty hosts and interns must be fully aware of this and remain flexible in scheduling. Internships are work/training placements that require in-person supervision and daily monitoring. UH faculty and departments must follow all state and university Covid-19 guidelines and policies in regards to in-person work, training, and teaching/mentoring. If a true internship experience cannot be carried out without compromising the safety of students and personnel, then it should not be considered. Although some accommodations may be made to ensure safety protocols are followed, internships cannot be predominantly remote learning. If there is any question as to the mode of training, this should be addressed clearly in the training plan.