ISS Administered Scholarships

ScholarshipReasonAmountResidency StatusClass StandingGPAApplicationDeadline(s)
International Undergraduate Student ScholarshipAcademic Merit$10,000/year (up to 4 years)F1/J1 visa statusincoming or continuing3.0IUSS webpage~mid-January
June Chun Naughton ISS Scholarship(1) Promotion of cross-cultural understanding and/or (2) emergent financial hardshipVaries (~$500-1,000)Any for 1st reason; only F1/J1 visa status for 2nd reason2 semesters at UHM by award period3.0See Star Scholarships~May 1st
Kenji Yamaguma ScholarshipUnforeseen financial hardshipVaries (~$500-1,000)F/1J1 visa status2 semesters at UHM by award period2.5 Undergrad; 3.0 GradSee ISS advisorrolling
Dai Ho Chun ScholarshipAcademic merit and/or financial hardshipVaries (~$500-1,000)F/1J1 visa status2 semesters at UHM by award period3.0Online Application; see information below*~mid-February
Summer Financial Hardship ScholarshipFinancial hardship for summer enrollmentVaries (~$500-1,000)F/1J1 visa status2 semesters at UHM by award period2.5 Undergrad; 3.0 gradOnline Application; see information below*~mid-February
Summer ISS Internship ScholarshipInternship in ISS Office for summerUp to $2,000 (depends on summer enrollment)F/1J1 visa status2 semesters at UHM by award period3.0Online Application; see information below*~mid-February

International Undergraduate Student Scholarship (IUSS). See separate webpage for details.

ISS Scholarships. Includes: Dai Ho Chun, Financial Hardship, Outstanding International Student, ISS Internship, Summer Financial Hardship, Summer ISS Internship. These share a *common application, but may have require specific criteria and/or documents. Please READ the following information for complete eligibility requirements and other details:

The June Chun Naughton International Student Services Scholarship. For students who promote cross-cultural understanding at UH Manoa (outside of any course, program, or job/internship requirement) and/or who have emergent financial need (open only to international students). Paid out to UH balance. Application on Star Scholarships.

The Kenji Yamaguma Scholarship. For students with unforeseen financial hardship. Paid out directly to student in the form of a check. Application requires meeting with an ISS advisor.


UH Funding Sources: Undergraduate/General

  • University of Hawaii Star Scholarship Database – When you access the site, click on “scholarships” to view the database. Currently lists many, but not all, scholarships available to students. To search for scholarships open to international students, click on the Advanced Search tab. Under Residency, select “Any” or “International.” By selecting “International,” the search will only provide scholarships for international students only.
  • UH System Scholarships – These scholarships are applicable for all campuses in the UH System, and there is a single online application for all of them. This page provides a quick list of the scholarships and information on the application. These scholarships may be applied for through the Star Scholarship Database.
  • Other UH Foundation Scholarships – additional scholarships that are not currently available in the UH Student Scholarships database. Enter “international students” in the keyword search box.
  • Board of Regents Exemptions of Tuition for Nonresidents – This is not a scholarship, but a way of getting reduced nonresident tuition if you qualify for certain categories. If you think you qualify, check with Admissions Office to see how you can claim the exemption.

UH Funding Sources: Graduate

Graduate students should inquire with their major departments and/or the Graduate Division website, which lists information on the following scholarships:

Other UH Funding Sources

  • Tuition Waiver Scholarships – Some UHM departments have a limited number of merit-based partial tuition scholarships for degree-seeking students. Contact the department academic advisor or chair.
  • Pacific Asian Scholarships – Contact the School of Pacific and Asian Studies fellowships office, Moore Hall 321.
  • Athletic Scholarships – Contact head coach in your sport or Nagatani Academic Center.
  • Music Scholarships – Music Department
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