Dr. Irvin Fellowship

vanessa_irvin-300x300The Center for the Study of Libraries, Information & Society (CSLIS) has voted to appoint Vanessa Irvin, Ed.D., as a CSLIS Fellow for 2015-2016. She is being awarded this honor in appreciation for her tireless work in helping to define the CSLIS as a founding member of its Steering Committee. Irvin’s contributions helped to make the Center become a reality. In awarding this honor, the selection committee explained that “a part of the Center is now and always will be based on Dr. Irvin’s unique contributions.”

During her tenure as a CSLIS Fellow, Vanessa will be a member of the Steering Committee to continue advancing the Center’s agenda for librarianship and to facilitate valuable cooperation between the LIS programs and faculty at Drexel University and University of Hawai’i. Additional scholarly activities may include a research presentation at a CSLIS-sponsored event either on-campus or online as a webinar/video lecture and an opportunity to publish a paper on her research that will be available as an open-source publication via the CSLIS online repository.

The Center for the Study of Libraries, Information, & Society (CSLIS) answers the call for research, collaboration, and ongoing discussion about topics and issues specific to library and information science (LIS), LIS education, libraries and librarians, and library services in multiple contexts. These issues are broad and varied, yet focused and specific, with the work that CSLIS researchers and practitioners engage in directly informing the continuing evolution of library and information services in today’s technological world. CSLIS is a center for study and cooperative work in learning more about the ways in which libraries operate and function in society as community information centers and as contemporary spaces for community engagement and lifelong learning. CSLIS is headquartered at Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit: http://drexel.edu/cci/research/centers-institutes/CSLIS/.