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Laulima is the University of Hawaii's online learning and collaboration system. Click on the tabs below to learn about Laulima.

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New to Laulima? A general tutorial will greet you when you log in to the site. To turn off/on the tutorial, click on the user icon on the upper right of the page. Also please make sure you are familiar with the things that every Laulima user should know. Note: Laulima has a daily downtime of 3:00am - 4:00am HST.

Laulima has been upgraded to Sakai version 11.4. (12/27/17 at 12:30pm) Please note that there have been a few changes to Laulima. A tutorial is available (or can be dismissed) by clicking the user icon after logging in to Laulima. We are working to update our documentation, thank you for your patience. (12/27/17)

Archive of previous posts

System Information
Basic information and recommendations for using Laulima


Archive of previous posts

Resources to help faculty/staff use and work in Laulima
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System Information

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