About Us

The Library and Information Science Program is approaching 50 years of offering quality and excellence in teaching, research and service, and has produced hundreds of information-professionals working in Hawaii and the nation and throughout the world. A great part of our success can be attributed to the visionary leadership and proactive planning that have marked the LIS Programs’ approach to addressing the realities of a rapidly changing information environment.

Our 1995 merger with the Department of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS) signaled a new era for the Program. Faculty, staff and students envision this dynamic partnership as an opportunity to pool and strengthen human and physical resources, to expand student learning options, and to explore avenues for cooperation with agencies and corporations in Hawaii and abroad. We believe that the LIS Program, as part of the ICS Department, is strategically positioned for faculty and students to engage in innovative research and entrepreneurial ventures with Computer Science colleagues. The merger also holds exciting promise for new programs integrating skills in information and computer sciences that will allow our graduates to compete successfully in the evolving job marketplace.

Meet the Students

Our students are a lively, engaging and diverse group of people! For more information about our students, please see the ePortfolio page.

Meet the Faculty

Our Faculty profiles can be viewed on the Faculty page of this site. Many faculty members also have their own websites with information about their professional interests and course materials.

Meet the Developers

In 2013, Ed Meyer transferred the webpage from Plone to WordPress.